Crocker Core Values

While Crocker Communications is a nimble, capable company at the forefront of rapidly changing technologies, the core values that have driven us throughout our years of service will remain intact.

Commitment & Dedication

We are fiercely committed and dedicated to our business, our customers, our employees, and each other. The “Golden Rule” might be old adage, but we still live by it, asking ourselves, “How would we want to be treated as customers? As employees? As family members?” This approach guides us to do right by our customers and our employees and is the backbone of our continued success.


We are committed to providing a positive work-life balance for all employees, which helps us prioritize the important things in life, such as eating meals with our families or attending our kids’ soccer games. We know that our family-oriented work culture translates into loyal, satisfied employees who like to come to work every day and are happy to share their passion for Crocker with customers. We take care of each other, and our customers inherently know we’ll take care of them.


We’re creative with the technology that we employ, and we’re clever and resourceful when it comes to finding a solution for the unique needs of each customer. We have a strong history of growth because we figure it out, we get it done, and we keep our values in place while we do it.

Perseverance & Dependability

No matter the weather, we show up, prepared and ready for our best work. We just don’t quit. We’ve weathered everything from dot-com bubble bursts to catastrophic storms. We do whatever it takes to take care of our customers, to find the right fit for our employees, and to master the next-generation technologies that will better connect our communities.


We own our mistakes and respond with grace. We’re principled, and we’re proud of it. We’re always able to look you in the eyes when we speak. We always tell the truth, even if it hurts. Customers always know what they’re getting because our actions are consistent with our values. And we work without egos. Give us your feedback to help us improve and excel. It’s part of our culture to take ownership of our work.

Spirited Fun

We’re good at our jobs, and we’re also good at enjoying them. That’s right. We like coming to work. We collectively spend a large portion of our days (and nights) at work alongside our colleagues, so it’s crucial that we have a good time while we’re at it. Technology is heady, but we get playful. We take the time to cultivate a celebratory culture and keep smiling so we can provide you with the best customer service you can imagine.

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