Elevate Your Business With A
Hosted Phone System

Enjoy all the features of premise-based systems without the headache of system ownership thanks to our state-of-the-art hosted phone system.

Benefits Of A Hosted Phone System


Our hosted phone system is designed to be user-friendly from installation to operation - no advanced telecom degrees required!


Connect to your customers and employees from any device and any location thanks to our latest softphone application.


Our system isn't dependent on aging communications infrastructure. It runs on VoIP and can operate on any internet-connected device.

The Last PBX Solution You'll Ever Buy

Desk Phone

Our hosted phone system easily connects to a wide range of IP telephone options.

Web Portal

Easily install, manage, and update your entire phone system from a single online location.

Mobile App

Take your phone system on the go with our simple softphone application.

Hosted Phone System Features

We have everything a growing business needs to customize their communications, thanks to our extensive feature library.

crocker communications hosted phone system

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Get The Communications Your Business Needs Today!


The Crocker Hosted PBX platform is a georedundant solution for hosted VoIP telephone systems. This means that your phone system is supported by multiple data centers located in different geographic regions. This type of solution provides a level of resiliency and business continuity that you wouldn’t have from a single premises-based PBX located within a single location.


Unlike other providers, we don’t surprise customers with hidden charges. Our monthly fee covers all the maintenance and support that your system needs.


Complicated phone systems can hamper a business’s growth. Get new users up and running quickly and easily without calling IT thanks to our online portal.

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