Feature – Hunt Group


hunt group is a feature with an assigned number or extension programmed to ring a group of phones. The hunt group can distribute the incoming call using many flexible options to best fit the needs of the business or organization. Hunt Groups are often used with departments or group job roles such as reception.

Distribution Policy Options

  • Circular – Incoming calls hunt through agents in the order they appear in the list, starting with the agent following the last agent to receive a call. When the search reaches the end of the list, it loops back to the top and continues until it has tried all agents.
  • Regular – Incoming calls hunt through agents in the order they appear in the list, starting from the top each time.
  • Simultaneous – Incoming calls alert all agents at the same time. The first agent to answer handles the call.
  • Uniform – Incoming calls hunt through all agents in order, starting with the agent who has been idle the longest and ending with the agent who most recently answered a call.
  • Weighted Call Distribution – Incoming calls are assigned to idle agents based on percentages.

Hunt Groups are located under the Services section of your admin web portal. Choose the hunt group you wish to edit and then click Profile to see the configurable options. Choose Apply and OK to save any of your changes.

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