1-Crocker warranties all purchased hardware products for a period of 365 days from the date of purchase under the following terms and conditions:

a. Crocker will ship replacement unit along with a return-mailing label.

b. Suspected faulty units must be returned to Crocker within 12 business days after replacement ship date.

c. Returned units will be inspected and tested by Crocker.

d. A trouble call should be placed to Crocker Client Support if faulty hardware is suspected. Client Support technicians will verify if a return is necessary and will provide a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number to the Client.

2. RMA Processing and Handling Fee for verified faulty hardware

a. Within the first 30 days after purchase there will be no processing or handling fees

b. After 30 days and before 365 days a $24.95 processing and handling fee will be billed to Client for each RMA.

3. Hardware Replacement Cost

a. Crocker will provide replacement at no cost for the hardware if:

i. the returned unit is inspected and found by Crocker to be faulty but not mishandled or misused.

b. Crocker will invoice for full replacement cost and a processing and handling fee if:

i. the returned unit is verified by Crocker to have been mishandled or misused. This determination is the sole discretion of Crocker

ii. the suspected faulty unit is not returned within 12 business days after shipment date of replacement.

iii. the returned unit cannot be verified as having been sold or leased by Crocker

iv. the returned unit is verified by Crocker to be fully functional

v. the returned unit is returned without its separate power supply (if applicable)

4. At its sole discretion, Crocker reserves the right to substitute comparable hardware or a fully refurbished unit. The end date for warranty on any replacement hardware remains the same as the warranty date of the originally purchased equipment.


1-Crocker warranties all leased hardware for the Rental Period

a. The expense of repairs and replacement for leased equipment from normal use made during the Rental Period, including labor, material, parts and other items shall be covered by Crocker except in cases as listed in the entire step 3.b. above.

b. Replacement procedures for leased equipment are the same as the entire step 1 above.