Accuracy + Empathy

Regional VNA and Hospice care provider needs an answering service that gets it right

The Challenge

“We provide VNA and hospice care from multiple offices serving several neighboring communities. We are a strong organization that cares deeply about our work, our patients and their families. Yet our answering service is wreaking havoc on our operations and our reputation! We can’t depend on this service to get it right. They call a home care nurse when hospice care is needed or they send the wrong person to the wrong territory. What’s worse, we are getting complaints that answering service personnel are curt and even rude. It’s jut not acceptable.”

The Solution

Crocker Communications began as an answering service in 1956, so we’re experienced. If there is one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that our success depends squarely on both accuracy and sensitivity to each and every call. We have over XX VNA and hospice care customers, some who have been with us for more than XX years. They expect skilled representatives who can successfully process the call, while maintaining an empathetic and polite demeanor.

Our first course of action when bringing on board this VNA/Hospice client was to learn their particular policies and protocols. We established call flow procedures and conducted training to mirror them, minimizing the opportunity for error. For clients who opt for Crocker’s miSecureMessaging, management metric reports provide insight into the call flow including the time stamp for incoming messages, when messages are dispatched and when the message is opened.

At Crocker, we know how to treat people. We consistently win awards of excellence for outstanding service, as measured by response time, courtesy, accuracy and overall client service. In a nutshell, we’re dedicated to getting it right. For VNA and hospice care, where decorum is critical, that means following client protocols and treating patients and their families in an appropriate and sensitive manner.



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