Fast. Flexible. Feasible.

A growing medical practice needs affordable, scalable state-of-the-art communications

The Challenge

“Our medical practice is in the midst of a major growth spurt. We’re adding new locations—through mergers, acquisitions, and grants—to provide better access to our patients. Naturally, we need to communicate in real time between multiple offices, sharing patient records, medical imagery, and practitioner notes. State-of-the-art communications technologies are readily available. The problem is budget. It’s nearly impossible to plan for major expenses when reimbursement rates are always changing. Help! We need a flexible, scalable solution with predictable billing.”

The Solution

Today’s medical practices are required to maintain electronic medical records (EMRs). Sharing records back and forth across multisite practices requires plenty of reliable bandwidth. Fortunately, Crocker Metro Ethernet Service provides scalable bandwidth at lightning speed, yielding faster interoffice and Internet connections.

As for budget constraints, Crocker offers flexibility and predictability—with Crocker Metro Ethernet Service, we can determine cost per site. And now, with MassBroadband, mileage between sites is no longer factored into the cost so it’s considerably more cost-effective. No large capital expenses and no surprises on the monthly bill. And since these services are fully scalable, they can expand (or contract) your practice.

Developing leading-edge, robust solutions that are sensitive to budget constraints—it’s how we’re wired.