Robust E-Rate Bundle

School District Struggles with State-of-Yesterday Technology

The Challenge

“Each school in our district has old servers with locally installed and managed software applications. As the IT administrator, it’s really time-consuming to maintain. Also, the connection between our schools and the Internet is painfully slow. It’s a challenge just to share files, much less use technology to collaborate or improve operations. Imagine if I had the time and infrastructure to manage the technology that actually supports our faculty, staff, and the kids in our district.”

The Solution

Aging distributed and disconnected information technology, along with the resulting headaches for IT Administrators, faculty, and staff, is common among school districts. As an E-Rate-eligible service provider, Crocker Communications provides robust bundled data solutions—one solution from one provider—eliminating the need to manage multiple technology vendors. Crocker is the single point of accountability.

For this client, Crocker created a “hub” site, where all hardware, software, and services are centralized. This makes IT administration much easier, less time-consuming, and, therefore, less costly. And, in the case of this district where space is at a premium, the whole bundle now resides at Crocker. Crocker’s Colocation Service ensures an optimal environment, power redundancy, and serious firewall protection.

Crocker Communications leveraged the MBI Broadband 123 fiber optic network to deliver high speeds—both during upload and download—between the hub site located at Crocker and schools as well as to the Internet.

Translation: A more secure, reliable network with faster connectivity to the Internet and between schools. And, because of the efficiencies gained, IT Administrators can focus on delivering IT services that truly support and improve the work of faculty, staff, and the district’s students.



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