Big Benefits of Hosted Business Phone Service  

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Did you know that a hosted business phone solution can make a big difference in your business? When you start to use an internet-based phone solution, you will immediately begin to see its benefits. With mobility, reliability, affordability, and scalability, your business can’t afford NOT to use a hosted phone solution. Read on to learn more about each of these big business benefits.   

What is a Hosted Business Phone Service? 

To clarify, hosted business phone service is another way to describe internet-based phone service. Did you know that there are several ways to say internet-based phone service? Some include hosted phone systems, VoIP (voice over internet protocol), and cloud-based PBX (private branch exchange).  

Benefits of a Hosted Business Phone Service 

When you start to use a hosted phone solution for your business, you can expect to receive several benefits. First, you will have access to several features that are just not possible with a traditional phone line. Learn more about some specific features of a hosted business phone solution here. Below, you will find a small sampling of hosted business phone solution benefits that are not feature-based. 


There’s no denying that remote work is on the rise. In fact, Buffer posts that up to 97% of workers would like to work remotely in some capacity.  So, what is your plan to support these remote workers? Your plan should include hosted business phone service. That’s because when your phone solution is hosted on the cloud, it’s accessible anywhere that has a stable internet connection, allowing your employees to easily work from home. 

Even better are the softphone capabilities of a hosted phone solution. You can install an app on your desktop and mobile devices – including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Once you have the softphone application installed, you will have encrypted access to your hosted business phone solution while maintaining all security and privacy.  


Traditional phone lines are operated over coaxial copper lines. They have very limited data capacity and are very susceptible to outside influences affecting service. For example, if there were to be a natural disaster in the area, phone service on traditional lines could stop working.  

However, hosted phone solutions are much more reliable. When you use hosted business phone service, your phone server is not located in your office. Your provider has a network of servers that are located in different geographical locations. Therefore, if a bad storm were to affect the service of one server, a server that was not affected would take on their workload.  This means that your phone solution will be available no matter what. 


As the main decision maker for a small business, it’s important to keep your bottom line in the forefront of your mind. What if we told you hosted business phone service is less expensive in the long run than a traditional phone line? It’s true. While implementing a new hosted phone solution can have a high upfront cost, the low monthly fees quickly make up for it.  

A traditional phone solution has a lot of hidden fees associated with service. Also, if you ever need maintenance on your lines or replacement parts, there could be added costs there as well. 

Hosted business phone solutions on the other hand, have clear-cut billing, are simple to service, and don’t require an expensive hardware investment. 


Adding another person to the team can be somewhat of a struggle for businesses using traditional phone lines. This is especially true if each new employee needs their own phone line. That means new lines and wires need to be installed. The entire process can be quite time-consuming and quite expensive.  

A hosted business phone solution offers simple scalability. Due to softphone capabilities (see above), your new workers can access the system quickly. Also, the only new hardware needed to support the new employee is a desk phone. With a quick call to your provider, scaling is completed within hours, if not minutes! 

Time to Reap the Rewards 

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a hosted business phone solution, give us a call. Here at Crocker Communications, we have highly trained specialists that can discuss exactly what features and functions would benefit your business the most.  We would love to help you create a more efficient and effective work environment.  

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