Finding the Best Hosted Phone System Providers 

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There are a vast number of hosted phone system providers. Your job is to find the one that offers you the best features and services while still fitting safely within your budget. The question now becomes which features and services should you expect, and which services and features make a hosted phone system provider stand out amongst the rest? 

Basic Offerings from a Hosted Phone System Provider 

At the bare minimum, hosted phone service providers should offer voice, call rules, and conferencing. Flexibility, scalability, and reliability are among some of the biggest reasons that businesses are switching to hosted phone systems. That is because no matter which provider you go with, you will receive these three benefits. 


When you use a hosted phone system, you should be able to access the system from anywhere connected to the internet. That’s why so many businesses love hosted phone systems. An internet-based system supports remote and hybrid workers who are not tied to a desk. Great hosted phone system providers will walk you through how to install the softphone app to mobile devices to enable mobility and flexibility in the workspace.  


A great hosted phone system provider will explain clearly how easy it is to scale your solution. Depending on your service package, you may be able to add users on your own through the administrator portal. If this is something you are not comfortable with, your provider should be willing to help you out and guide you through any changes you make with your service package.  


One of the main reasons that businesses move to and love hosted phone systems is that they are much more reliable than traditional phone systems that lean heavily on electricity. If your power goes out, you can still use your system when using a hosted solution.  

This is because the internet itself is available around the clock. Natural disasters, power outages, and outside factors rarely, if ever, affect the uptime of the internet. When you choose a great hosted phone system provider, they should ensure that you have guaranteed uptime.  

What to Look for in a Hosted Phone System Provider 

There are some hosted phone system providers that go above and beyond for their customers. Not only do they offer basic features, but they also look for and offer more business-enhancing features for their solutions. Some of the most important assets a provider can offer are product-enhancing services.  

Customer service/customer support  

It is important to work with a provider that will be there for you, and wants to help all their customers be successful after their purchases have been made.  There are great providers out there who truly care about you and your business success.  

Availability of your provider’s customer support team is one of the many things you should look for in a provider. Another great aspect of hosted phone system providers is transparency. Fees should be stated up front so that you are caught off guard when your bill arrives.  

A great hosted phone system provider will also include upgrades and tutorials to go along with their solutions. This means that when you go with a great provider, not only will you have the most up-to-date equipment, but you will also have the training you need to use it well.  

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