Elevate Your Municipality Into the 21st Century With
Crocker's Hosted Phone System

Enable your municipality to communicate from anywhere, keep your current infrastructure in place, and benefit from the latest technology – all without breaking your budget.

Benefits Of A Hosted Phone System For Your Municipality

Simple Installation

We install your system and train your staff. You’re up and running in minutes with no interruptions to your operations. No advanced degrees necessary!


Your local government’s communications need to be secure. We use the latest encryption technology and provide you with a virtual private network (VPN).

Scale Quicker

Add and remove users as you need and pay for what you use. Get your workers up and running with a few clicks of the mouse as opposed to days. No need for IT to get involved.

Multiple Locations? No Problem!

Crocker Communications Hosted Phone System revolutionizes the way you communicate across all of your municipality locations. It allows you to create a universal phone system that connects all of your offices, making it easy to:

  • collaborate
  • share information
  • stay connected


Start enjoying seamless communications, including advanced features such as call routing, voicemail-to-email, and call recording. Start improving the efficiency of your municipality today!

The Communication System Your
Municipality Needs


We understand budgets are tight. We offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees - what you see is what you get! Our monthly fee covers everything, including maintenance and support.

Reliable Service

Thanks to our failover plans, your phone system will still be operational during a natural disaster or power outages. This allows you to communicate with your staff and residents to keep them safe and informed.

Remote Office

With Crocker's Municipality phone system, your office goes where you go, thanks to our mobile and web applications! You deserve a phone system that works with you, no matter where you need to work.

The Features of Crocker’s Hosted Phone System

Whether it’s managing incoming calls, setting up conference calls with other localities, or forwarding calls to a mobile device, our system has you covered. 

crocker communications hosted phone system