VoIP Hosted PBX Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use and Policies

Customer agrees to be bound by the CROCKER terms and conditions, acceptable use policy and the specific service level policies applicable to Customer, which are important for the proper use of the Service. Customer’s failure to follow these provisions, whether set out in this Agreement, the Master Service Agreement, CROCKER Internet Access Agreement, the Customer Sales Order, on the website at crocker.com or in bulletins posted at various points by CROCKER, may result in CROCKER terminating this Agreement. Customer agrees to abide by all of the rules of CROCKER Internet Access. In addition, Customer agrees to the following rules:

  1. Customer will not transmit or distribute via VoIP in any way, information, software, or other material, which is protected by copyright, or other proprietary right, without obtaining permission of the owner of such rights.
  2. Customer will not use our Service to commit a crime, or to plan, encourage or help others to commit a crime.
  3. Customer will not use VoIP for telephone sales and solicitation in violation of law.
  4. Customer will not impersonate another user or otherwise falsify one’s identity in connection with the use of the service.