Hosted Phones vs Landlines: Which is the Better Choice for a Small Business 

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The world of communications gets bigger every day. It’s no wonder that business owners find themselves overwhelmed with so many options to choose from when opting for a phone system, whether that be hosted phones, VoIP, etc. A long time ago the typical landline was pretty much the only reliable choice, but in the last few decades, they have been overtaken by modern technologies that promise to be more efficient and more reliable. 

Hosted Phones vs Landlines: Quick Definitions 

Yep, we are talking about the amazing world of hosted telephony. A technology that strays away from the old-fashioned way of connecting calls. A hosted phone works by using VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology, which means your calls are connected using an internet connection. The software is hosted by the service provider at an offsite location, hence the name hosted phone.  

Traditional landlines on the other hand, are those plain old telephone lines you’ve definitely encountered before. They work by using copper wire lines for transmission. Landlines require physical phones to work and have to be connected at all times. So, they are quite different in how they function, yet they are both still widely used by many businesses. 

When hosted phone technology made a boom in the market, some thought that the end of analog or landline phones was near. Despite a significant shift in professionals opting for hosted telephony, landlines are still common in many workplaces. 

Which One is Better for a Small Business? 

There is no wrong or right answer here. Different businesses have different needs, and what phone system will work best depends on different factors. With that being said, it is undeniable that hosted phones solve a lot of the problems that come with old-fashioned phone systems.  

  • While landlines need complicated hardware that takes a lot of time and money to install, the software to run a hosted phone is kept on a cloud off-location by a service provider, which means no complications.  
  • Hosted phones are significantly more cost effective than landlines. This is because you save money on equipment malfunctions, difficult installations, and because you pay monthly fees with no hidden charges. Furthermore, they also come packed with a ton of useful features that make the money you spend worth it.  
  • Which of the two would hold up even in the case of a power outage? Yep, you guessed it. The hosted phone was the winner. Because the system is hosted on the cloud, if the power goes out it can re-route your calls to any mobile device, so you can keep communicating as if nothing happened. Furthermore, you can also use any mobile device to make calls with a hosted phone system, to begin with thanks to apps associated with the solution. So, power outages wouldn’t even be a concern.  
  • Hosted phones have added features that make your calls a more enjoyable experience such as SMS & MMS Enablement, find me/follow me Routing and voice & video conferencing and so much more. 
  • As you add on team members, hosted phones make it easy to add and install new phone lines, without having to deal with heavy equipment and long wait times for it to be installed. 

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