Voice Solutions for Healthcare 

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The healthcare industry is without a doubt one of the fields where efficient and fast communication is necessary. With the right healthcare phone system, you can meet your needs and make your life easier. Daily operations require interactions between medical staff, patients, stakeholders, etc., and on top of their already very busy schedules some medical staff also must take care of administrative tasks such as management of staff, medical billing and so much more. No matter who a medical practitioner needs to make a call to, a healthcare phone system needs to be quick and reliable.  

Voice Solutions for Healthcare: 

Gone are the times when a traditional phone line that required complicated installations was your only option for phone service. Technology has advanced to the point where most communication services require internet connections overtaking analog phone lines. A healthcare phone system is a crucial part of day-to-day operations, for that reason you might want to carefully choose what option will work best for your building. Below we will share a few options for you to have a quality healthcare phone system: 

SIP Trunking Services 

SIP is short for Session Initiation Protocol. This protocol is an application layer system that enables you to use an internet connection to operate your phone system instead of traditional phone lines. Trunking refers to the foundation of phone lines, used by multiple users and connected to a single telephone network. 

All this means is that you can easily send all your calls over your current internet connection and enjoy all the benefits of having a phone system that uses the internet to function. This is a simple way to modernize your healthcare phone system. 

Digital Voice Lines 

Digital voice lines work in a similar way to traditional phone lines; so, they serve as direct replacements for analog telephone lines. If you opt for this option for your healthcare phone system, you can simply connect VoIP based systems to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The PSTN is the international telephone system that carries analog voice data.  

Hosted Phone System 

A third option is to opt for a hosted phone system instead. This one might be the most flexible option, because with a hosted phone system you don’t need any complicated equipment, because it runs on VoIP, you would be able to connect from any internet-connected device.  

VoIP enables medical staff to communicate in real time or remotely if necessary. Meaning day-to-day operations can run smoothly, and even reaching patients to provide them with optimal healthcare will be easy. Good news for hospital administrators, using a hosted phone system can also reduce costs, since you don’t need any expensive equipment and monthly fees tend to be more affordable.  

What features are important for a healthcare phone system?  

  • Virtual private network (VPN): a VPN will keep your conversations private. When dealing with sensitive information such as patient’s information a VPN helps ensure that data is safely transmitted through an encrypted connection. 
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling: A healthcare facility can never find itself in a situation where you can no longer make calls, so when choosing a healthcare phone system make sure you are getting unlimited calls.  
  • Clear quality: Medical staff need to be able to communicate without any interference when delivering important and timely information. Modern phone systems do not always ensure good quality transmissions so watch out for this feature! 
  • Voice and Video Conferencing: A necessary feature when virtual meetings or teledoc appointments are involved, which is the case for most healthcare facilities nowadays. With some staff not physically present for x or y reason, it is important to consider conference features to ensure virtual options are available.  
  • Find Me/Follow Me Routing: Some healthcare professionals alternate their time between hospitals or even from offices to hospitals. The find me/follow me routing feature automatically routes incoming calls to a specific location or device depending on call rules.  

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