Benefits of Choosing a Local Hosted VoIP Provider 

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Odds are, if you’re a small business on the hunt for a hosted VoIP solution, you’ve run into a lot of big-name providers along the way. In most cases, the products they offer are good and their prices are affordable. But that doesn’t automatically make them the best choice for your business. When choosing a hosted VoIP provider for your business, it’s important to check out the communication companies in your own backyard. Picking a local hosted VoIP provider can benefit your business in many ways. 

1. Hands-On Installations 

Many businesses are faced with the daunting task of setting up their phone system themselves, from VoIP equipment to network settings. And most business owners aren’t familiar with LNP practices, POEs, or DiffServ, leading to a lot of incomplete, or inadequate hosted VoIP builds. 

That’s where a local hosted VoIP provider comes in. Their telecommunications experts are available to install your equipment, stand up your network, advise you on hosted VoIP best practices, and so on. Instead of struggling to implement your hosted VoIP service for a week or more, a local provider can set it up in a day or less and provide excellent one-on-one training for staff members. 

2. Reliable Customer Service 

Your hosted VoIP phone system is critical to your success as a business. If there’s an issue at the hardware or software level, every minute you spend on hold is a minute you won’t be able to connect with customers. And local VoIP providers understand that!  

They maintain a manageable customer base, allowing them to provide the fast, personalized care businesses crave. They also have the time to train their staff on the inner workings of most, if not all, of their products, resulting in shorter, more effective, customer service calls. Do you have defective phone components? Fixed. How about interruptions in your connection? Explained and addressed. 

3. Your Money Stays in Your Community 

If you’re a local business, odds are you know how important it is to invest in your community. According to a recent study by Intuit, out of every $100 spent at a small business, $48 is put back into the local economy. By choosing to partner with a local hosted VoIP provider, you’re creating new jobs in your county, helping your neighbors keep the jobs they already have, and investing in your community’s communications infrastructure.

For instance, thanks to our customers, we were able to participate in the Massachusetts Broadband Institute’s (MBI) 123 initiative. Through this initiative, we installed over 1,300 miles of fiber-optic cables, giving the communities of western and north-central Massachusetts the fastest internet possible. Vital facilities such as town halls, schools and colleges, libraries, healthcare centers, and more were able to run far better than before! 

4. An All-Inclusive, Feature-Rich Hosted VoIP Solution 

Every business is on the hunt for affordable phone systems with the features they so desperately need. Thanks to their curated customer lists, local hosted VoIP providers are in a unique position to provide that to their customers! Because they know their customers personally, they can offer a solution that is tailored to their needs. No paying for features you don’t need or use.  

Crocker Communications: Massachusetts’s Local VoIP Provider 

For over 50 years, Crocker Communications has provided top-notch telecommunications products and services to Greenfield and Springfield, Massachusetts, and we’re committed to continuing that legacy! Our office of fifty dedicated technicians is passionate about providing exceptional, reliable service to our customer base and hasn’t missed a day of work since we opened! If you’re interested in being supported by – and supporting – a local business, feel free to reach out to us! We’d be happy to fulfil all your telecommunications needs! 

Shopping For A Better Solution For Your Business?

Crocker has the ultimate business tools to help you succeed! Learn more about our hosted phone systems and business internet below, and then give us a call to see how easy it is to upgrade today!

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