Is VoIP the Best Option Since POTS Lines are Going Away? 

POTS lines going away

Are POTS lines officially a thing of the past as of 2023? We’ve heard news of POTS lines going away and becoming obsolete for the past few years as telecom providers make way for modern communication solutions. AT&T recently announced they’re shutting down 700,000 POTS lines, and the news has businesses running to figure out […]

VoIP Hosted Solutions: What Are They and How Do They Benefit Your Business?  

Business woman using VoiP Hosted Solutions

Nowadays, reliable communication is a key element for businesses of any size across all industries, and technology has been advancing fast enough to keep up with new communication needs. Effective communications systems like VoIP hosted solutions have come up as a result. After the 2020 pandemic took the world by storm, many business owners were […]

Benefits of Choosing a Local Hosted VoIP Provider 

hosted VoIP

Odds are, if you’re a small business on the hunt for a hosted VoIP solution, you’ve run into a lot of big-name providers along the way. In most cases, the products they offer are good and their prices are affordable. But that doesn’t automatically make them the best choice for your business. When choosing a […]

Best VoIP Solutions for Schools 

voip solutions for schools

The 2020 pandemic took the entire world by storm. Schools not excluded, what we thought was going to be just a few weeks of classes being cancelled turned into months, and in some cases, years. And even though remote learning had been discussed prior to March, remote learning was pushed into reality. But not without […]

Support Hybrid Work Models with VoIP Hosted PBX 

person working remote with voip hosted pbx

In these times of hybrid work models, VoIP hosted PBX can be a great ally for your workers. Despite the push of some businesses to get their staff back in physical offices, the American workforce still wants the flexibility to work remotely – at least part of the time. According to a recent survey by […]