Support Hybrid Work Models with VoIP Hosted PBX 

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In these times of hybrid work models, VoIP hosted PBX can be a great ally for your workers. Despite the push of some businesses to get their staff back in physical offices, the American workforce still wants the flexibility to work remotely – at least part of the time. According to a recent survey by Prudential, over 68% of American employees say that a hybrid working model – being allowed to work remotely and in an office – is perfect for them. 

If you’re considering a hybrid work model for your business, you’re probably knee-deep in scheduling spreadsheets, tech requirements, and other necessities. But be sure you don’t overlook one of the most important parts of a hybrid work model: a VoIP hosted PBX. 

VoIP Hosted PBX: The First Step to Successful Hybrid Work 

But why is a VoIP hosted PBX so crucial to hybrid work? Keep reading and find out! 

  1. It facilitates flexibility. Thanks to “smartphone” apps, VoIP hosted PBX can function on any internet-connected device – from tablets to smartphones to laptops. This allows your teams to work from anywhere on any device without a reduction in call quality. No specific hardware required! And, with features like find me/follow me, users can easily have in-office calls sent to their mobile devices after a specific number of rings or a specific time of day. 
  1. It preserves privacy. Every call made through the app is encrypted by the VoIP hosted PBX provider and can be tracked, supervised, and even recorded via the VoIP hosted PBX administrator portal. Not only that, but customer information is also stored exclusively on the app, preventing accidental information sharing or misdialing when your employees are using their personal cell phones. 
  1. It costs less than other systems. VoIP hosted PBX systems require no major hardware investments. It can run on any internet-connected device! It also doesn’t require expensive IT personnel with extensive telecommunications backgrounds. It’s maintained and upgraded by your provider and their team of experts. All you have to do is pay a simple fee per user per month.  
  1. It grows as you grow. More and more companies are hiring workers that are fully remote. It’s no surprise considering over 85% of managers believe hybrid teams will be the norm going forward. A VoIP hosted PBX can help make remote hires simpler and easier. You won’t have to purchase specific hardware to ship to your new employees. All you have to do is tell them to download the app! And in some VoIP hosted PBX systems, you won’t have to contact your provider to ask for more seats either. You can add them yourself using the system’s administrative portal! 

VoIP Hosted PBX: Picking the Right System for Your Business 

If you’re looking to switch to a VoIP hosted PBX, or upgrade the system you currently have, there are a few questions you should ask before you buy. 

  1. How do my employees communicate? You’d be surprised how many companies don’t ask this question! It will help you find out what features your workers need and features they’d like to have.  Focus on those features to utilize first when you adopt your VoIP hosted PBX. 
  1. Am I currently using any free-for-consumer products? Shortly after the pandemic forced businesses into remote work, many businesses used free-for-consumer products. We’d advise against this. Not only are these products difficult to monitor, but they can also present security risks. It would be best to switch your communication to a reliable VoIP hosted PBX provider instead. Which leads us to our final question: 
  1. Does the system I’m investigating fit my security needs? It is vital that you choose a VoIP hosted PBX system that uses automatic end-to-end encryption. Many of your hybrid employees will access their work phone system via public internet and their interactions need that extra level of protection from bots and spammers.  

VoIP Hosted PBX: Choose the Best with Crocker Communications 

At Crocker Communications, we’ve spent 50 years building our telecommunications expertise. And our VoIP hosted PBX offering is proof of that! It’s filled to bursting with all the latest features and supported by some of the best techs in the industry. Don’t believe us? See it for yourself by scheduling a demonstration today

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