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It's how we're wired.

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Crocker Communications began as a regional answering service in 1963. Fast-forward to the present. We are now a telecommunications leader at the forefront of technology. We are a third-generation, family-owned business with nearly fifty dedicated collaborators in our team.

We are based in Greenfield and Springfield, Massachusetts. However, we offer custom communications solutions–from the simple to complex—for clients large and small wherever they are.

At the heart of our business, we’re facilitating one of the most important human endeavors: connection. We remain committed while staying true to the way we’ve always done business: with integrity, honesty and quality. Why? You could say it’s how we’re wired.

Our Values

Commitment & Dedication

We are fiercely committed to our community. The “Golden Rule” might be old adage, but we still live by it.  We treat our community as we would like to be treated.


We’re creative with the technology that we employ. We’re clever and resourceful when it comes to finding a solution for each one of your needs.

Perseverance & Dependability

No matter the circumstances, we show up. We do whatever it takes to take care of our customers, to find the right fit for our employees, and to master the next-generation technologies that will better connect our communities.


Spirited Fun

We’re good at our jobs, and we’re also good at enjoying them. When technology gets heady, we get playful. We take the time to cultivate a celebratory culture and keep smiling so we can provide you the best customer service you can imagine.


We own our mistakes and respond with grace. We talk with the truth with our words and our actions. Give us your feedback to help us improve and excel. 


We are committed to providing a positive work-life balance for all employees, which helps us prioritize the important things in life: our loved ones. 

Meet Our Team

Matthew Crocker


Jamie Crocker


Tom Poulin


Regis MacNeil Johnston


Timothy Otto


Kathy Whitney

kathy whitney


Careers at Crocker

Join Our Team

Crocker Communications is a third-generation, family-owned company. If you identify with who we are and our core values, send us your resume and cover letter to

Matthew Crocker


Matthew has been employed at Crocker Communications for 25 years. Before he officially started, he was sometimes called on by the founder and CEO (who is also his mother) to provide technical support or to answer a call (or two) for the Answering Service.

Although Matthew jokingly refers to his current role as “Head Geek,” he has worked in almost every position within the company during his tenure. Besides being Crocker’s President and resident visionary, he currently serves on the Board of Directors for a local bank and has served as a Board Member and technical advisor for a national Answering Service Trade Association.

Once an avid skydiver, Matthew now stays earthbound while flying remote control airplanes. He lives in Hatfield, where you can often find him cooking for neighborhood friends and his wife and two children.

JAMIE Crocker


Get In Touch With Jamie At:



Tom has played a number of roles during his 19 years with Crocker Communications. He began his career as a Client Support Technician. Then, he became Client Support Manager followed by Client Solutions Manager. Tom is now supremely qualified in his current position as Senior Sales Engineer, or Chief Problem Solver.

Tom works with the Crocker sales team and clients to implement efficient and effective technical solutions. For both our clients and his colleagues, He is the “go-to” guy, able to fill you in on the latest Patriots stats, the lyrics to a Motley Crue song, or to establish the best possible network for our clients.

Tom, a lifelong resident of the Pioneer Valley, currently resides in West Springfield with his wife and two daughters.

Regis MacNeil Johnston


Regis and her mother, Marie MacNeil, founded Crocker Communications when they purchased a forty-four account answering service in 1963. Regis retired in 2013, after spending her career leading the organization into a full-service Telecommunications company. She notes, “I’m fortunate to have my sons Matthew and James choose to be the third generation of Crocker Communications leadership. They will take the company to the next level.”

Regis attributes her success to dedicated staff and loyal customers. She has strengthened the company and her community through her long time affiliations with many industry, community and business organizations. She has served as Chairperson of the National Association of AMTELCO Owners (an Answering Service industry group), as well as serving as a Board member for the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce and the Greenfield Cooperative Bank. Her volunteerism has also included many charitable organizations, such as the local, community hospital and Meals for the Homeless.

Regis enjoys traveling with her husband, Edward, and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

timothy otto


Timothy is the Client Support Operations Manager, he most enjoys pushing the technological envelope along with supporting team members and client satisfaction.

Tim began at Crocker Communications as a Support Technician in 2009 and has worked in each role of the client support department throughout his years here!

In his time outside of work, Tim remains immersed in technology through his interests in PC hardware, networking, and amateur radio operation. He is a lifelong resident of Franklin County and is committed to providing great service to our local communities. 

Kathy Whitney


Kathy is the VP of Finance, and has been with Crocker for the past 22 years. When she began working at Crocker, she was a part-time billing clerk in a department of one.

Kathy has been a critical part of the growth of the company, seeing the organization through significant growth and changes, including the opening of the ISP in 1994 and becoming a CLEC in 2007. Kathy’s dedication to the organization, its clients and her colleagues is evident to all who work with her.

In her time outside of work, Kathy enjoys spending time with family, gardening, and time spent outdoors.