How Much is a Phone System for a Small Business? 

how much is a phone system?

How much is a phone system depends on what type of phone system you need. Traditional phone systems require landlines and physical telephones to work, and they are still widely used. Landlines cost anywhere from $50 to $100 per month. The phones needed for it to function will be about $50 to $250 per phone, depending on the number of lines on each phone. Finally, you also must account for installation costs, which will be around $150 to $250.  

Hosted phone systems, on the other hand, come at different costs due to the different options, features and functions available with each system. With a hosted phone system, you keep your software on the provider’s server. And one of the most attention-catching elements of hosted phones is that because you only need an internet connection to make and receive calls, the system can be used from any device. This will vary based on many factors.  

How Much Is a Phone System? Consider These Factors! 

When it comes to choosing the right phone system, there are a lot of items to consider. What features does your business need, are you looking for an on-premise solution or something hosted? Below are some factors that play a part in how much a hosted phone system will cost: 

  1. Number of Added Users: For hosted phone systems, you typically pay per user, per month. Meaning you need to know how many users will be added to get an average of how much the service will cost you per month. This number can change the costs of the following items: 
  • Hosted PBX Platform 
  • Software Licenses 
  • Installations Costs
    1. Business Size: Your communication needs weigh heavily on the size of your business. Cost won’t be the same for a start-up and a big enterprise. Business size directly affects the number of users, and the bigger the number of people the more the range above increases. After all, you can’t expect a business with 10 users to pay the same amount as a business with 100 users. However, keep in mind that rates may decrease once you reach a certain number of users. 
    1. System Provider: Every provider has different costs based on what they provide. Some are more focused on lower costs while others prefer to give you higher quality services, even if this will make your costs go up.  
    1. Features You Need: In order to get the most out of your service, you need to consider what features will give you the best experience. Things like an auto-assistant, voice and video conferencing, find me/follow me routing, and more are amazing features to have but not all packages and providers have them. A more feature comprehensive package may up the prices a bit.  
    1. Equipment and Installation: You don’t really have to worry about equipment with hosted phone systems. However, if you do want to add-on compatible phones, you can, and they cost anywhere from $40 to $600 per phone. Installation is also significantly reduced with a hosted phone system versus traditional options. 

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